Machine Learning Engineer

Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul
Work Type: Full Time

Ambush is a People Company. But what does that mean exactly? It means we care about our people as much as we care about building great products. We take a human-centered approach to identifying, retaining, and integrating highly-talented, long-term remote people into America’s best product and development team. 


We began our consulting journey in 2015 and have been growing ever since! We do that by delivering the best quality work possible for our clients. We are not afraid to take risks and we always seek the best possible path to solve a problem, instead of just a quick makeshift solution. Thanks to our highly skilled team of engineers, we always perform tasks using our best abilities! 


We are passionate about what we do every day and we can always count on our team to have our backs. Teamwork is one of our core values! We don’t go anywhere by ourselves. We are driven to achieve great things. And we are extremely helpful to everyone. We expect you to be a team player. 

Our interdisciplinary team of engineers makes use of what’s best in the technology world - combining hardware, firmware, backend, frontend, machine learning, and mobile development - to provide exceptional surveillance solutions to our clients. Our systems process and aggregate information from various wireless sensors (IoT) in near-real-time in order to produce a final verdict (also known as “sensor fusion”) and, if necessary, deter intruders and alert our customers about any unexpected activity.

When you join us, you will:

  • Research ways to improve Machine Learning models and algorithms;
  • Improve data collection pipelines;
  • Develop and train Machine Learning models;
  • Develop inference pipelines;
  • Deploy Machine Learning models in production;
  • Simulate new algorithms running in production;
  • Compare models and algorithms;
  • Work with Machine Learning models that run on the edge;
  • Process signals from multiple sensors;
  • Produce well-written research in English;
  • Develop analysis and visualization tools in Python;
  • Collaborate with people from Hardware, Firmware, Embedded Linux, Backend, Frontend and Mobile;
  • Learn new things every day.

What we'd like to see in a candidate:

  • Past experience with Machine Learning and Data Analysis;
  • Past experience with Python for Data Analysis and Software Development;
  • Knowledge of modern Machine Learning models (e.g. Convolutional Networks, Recurrent Networks, …);
  • Feel comfortable working with PyTorch, Pandas, Numpy, and Jupyter;
  • Familiarity with SQL queries;
  • Familiarity with signal processing techniques;
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of Probability and Statistics;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Portuguese.

Good to have:

  • Experience in software development;
  • Knowledge of Rust, C, and C++;
  • Familiarity with sensors;
  • Familiarity with wireless communication;
  • Familiarity with embedded systems;
  • Familiarity with Linux operating systems;
  • Past experience with research.

Preferred Location:
Porto Alegre
Experience level:

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