Full Stack Developer (React/Nodejs)

Work Type: Full Time
Ambush is a people-first company. We believe that our success is built on the talent and dedication of our team. We take a human-centered approach to everything we do, from recruiting top-tier remote professionals to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Since 2015, we’ve been growing our consulting business by delivering exceptional quality work to our clients. We’re not afraid to take risks and always strive to find the best solution, not just the easiest one. Our highly skilled team of engineers is committed to using their expertise to tackle every challenge with passion and precision.

Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. At Ambush, you’ll find a dynamic environment where you’re encouraged to grow, learn, and share your expertise with your colleagues. We offer various initiatives to help you enhance your skills and broaden your knowledge base.

If you’re a team player who’s driven to achieve great things and passionate about making a real impact, we want you on our team.

When you join us, you will:
  • Implement best practices for software architecture.
  • Collaborate in the development of software solutions that meet client needs.
  • Offer proactive suggestions to prevent potential roadblocks.
  • Contribute to a positive and collaborative team culture.
  • Encourage a culture of code quality and consistency.
  • Encourage a culture of continuous learning within the development team.

What we'd like to see in a candidate:
  • Strong experience working with React on the frontend and Node.js on the backend.
  • Experience working with Typescript. 
  • Excellent English communication skills, specially speaking skills.
  • Ability to independently design, and implement technical solutions from business requirements.
  • Demonstrated expertise in asynchronous programming patterns (Promises, Async/Await, etc.) within JavaScript applications.
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